A bit behind

Been working a lot, falling a bit behind on the blog, but expect major updates this weekend (or week) with two playlists, updates to the Mega Playlist on GrooveShark (will also throw one together on YouTube) and a bunch of new music.

Haven’t had time to just sit, smoke, and listen. Although I’ve got a list of dozens of albums and artists that I’ve been meaning to devote some time to.

I love Moby.  I’ve stated this before and I’ll state it again because it bears repeating.  A cool dude that puts out cool tunes.  This is one of ‘em, the opening track of the Play B-Sides.

In 1971, a Krautrock band formed in Germany and called themselves Weed.  They recorded and released one album, entitled Weed…!

This is the opening track of the 30-minute album, and the whole thing is fantastic.  With tracks that sound similar to everything from King Crimson to Simon & Garfunkel.  A real treat that I’ve already enjoyed twice.

This would actually make a perfect theme song for this site.  This is Mr. Scruff feat. Alice Russel and the intensely catchy track, “Music Takes Me Up.”

Another great slowly building track from XXYYXX.  How great is it that we live in an age where 17 year olds are able to create music and get it out there.  It blows my mind.  Just wait until you hit the wall of sound.  When you get high enough and you’re taking bong rips blowing out billowing clouds that vibrate with the bass on tracks like this, it’s like you’re creating art of your own.  Immediate and ethereal beauty.